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MD. Veronica Caunii

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  • Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist – independent practice certified by COPSI (The Romanian Psychologists Collegium) – code 09742
  • Member IAAP (International Association for Analytical Psychology)
  • Member of COPSI (The Romanian Psychologists Collegium)
  • Member of ARPA (Romanian Association for Analytic Psychotherapy)
  • Member of ARAS (Romanian Association Against AIDS)
  • Member of RHRN (Romanian Harm Reduction Network)
  • MBTI (Myers – Briggs) Foundation Programme Certificate
  • Private practice as a jungian psychotherapist and clinical psychologist
  • Over 15 years of experience in psychological interventions and tailored programs for substance addictions
  • Coordinating and implementing programs designed for psycho social-medical interventions for persons addicted to substances
  • Over 10 years of experience in HIV/AIDS programs
  • Professional expertise in psychological interventions and opioid substitution treatment
  • Multicultural professional experience achieved at international level through psycho-social-medical interventions programs
  • Over 350 hours of personal training analysis in analytic psychotherapy (Romania and Switzerland)
  • Over 200 hours of professional supervision in analytic psychotherapy (Romania and USA)
  • Master’s Degree in Analytic Psychology
  • BA Psychology, Bucharest University
  • Training in analytic psychology – Romania
  • Training in Motivational Interview technique

Distinctions and certificates

International Association For Analytical Psychology – IAAP

The Myers and Briggs Foundation - MBTI